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Mike Maiocco MCH, CC

Master Hypnotherapist
Life and Wellness Coach
Fitness Trainer
Sports Nutrition Consultant

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I started my Body-Mind connection studies in the early 1980ʼs when I suddenly began to feel anxiety for no apparent reason It started to restrict my everyday activities and I knew I needed to find the answers I started searching and found Silva Mind Development, so I took the course I learned I could control my physiology, my breathing and thoughts I was so impressed with the information I studied and earned a certification to teach a much shorter Relaxation Seminar Many years later I started to practice Hypnosis and finally learned the root cause of my fears Using regression hypnotherapy I released the emotions and energy around those events that caused the subconscious to develop a belief system that “protected me” against certain things Once released the fears and anxiety disappeared

I have successfully helped folks face their fears in regression, gently release the negative energy embedded in them and return to happy productive lives Along with Healing Regression Hypnotherapy I use Gentle Direct Suggestion
Hypnosis for weight loss, smoking cessation, athletic performance, self confidence, stress and other issues I record the Direct Suggestion Hypnosis portion of your session on your IPod or a CD while you are being hypnotized At the end of the session you receive this recording to take home with you and the more you listen to this recording the faster you will see results The key to transformation is repetition The more you see/hear/experience your goals, the more they become real for you Listen only in a comfortable, relaxed state You can even put the recording on at night and fall asleep to it Itʼs that easy! (Never listen while driving or doing any activity other than relaxing)

I am certified through The National Association of Trans-personal Hypnotherapist (NATH) and earned a Masters certification for advanced regression studies I am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and continue to pursue ongoing studies in Hypnosis, EFT and NLP

Having a fitness training background I treat the whole individual – Body – Mind and Spirit I integrate both traditional and holistic approaches to my practice

I have been presenting Stress Management, Guided Meditation and Relaxation Workshops for many years and Iʼm available for group and corporate training and workshops

Life and Wellness Coaching

I have added Life and Wellness coaching to my services This is a wonderful experience that will help you reach your goals I use all my knowledge and experience from the following:

  • Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy background
  • EFT (meridian tapping) and NLP training
  • Personal training and exercise
  • Weight loss and Hypno-Band
  • Business experience including negotiations, HR, sales management,  interviewing and much more

Learn more about this service by clicking the following link: Life Coaching

I am passionate about what I do and would love to work with you to be your guide as you change your life and exceed your goals I will always respect your time and money and teach you to work on yourself as we follow the
path together

“I was amazed to discover how comfortable hypnotherapy is I was tentative at the first session but it was wonderful Mike is so skilled at creating a non-threatening approach and really worked with me during some tough times I am now moving forward with confidence”
“Your session was truly different and significantly better than the other experience I had with hypnosis I look forward to our next session Thank you again for the work you do”

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