“Mike has made a wonderful difference in my life Iʼve been stuck in a rut for years and with age regression I now understand the core of my problems We released a lot of emotions and feelings and now Iʼve moved on to enjoy life finally ! “

The dictionary defines Emotions as follows: “A mental state that arises spontaneously rather than through conscious effort and is often  accompanied by physiological changes; a feeling: the emotions of joy, sorrow, reverence, hate, and love”

This definition suggests that emotions are automatic, they come without conscious thought and are accompanied with a feeling Most  spontaneous emotions are a result of a subconscious mind “memory” that is manifested and felt in the body As we look at my website the link About Hypnosis we find the conscious mind (our thinking mind) only represents 10% of the mind model The subconscious mind (our feeling  mind) represents 90% of our total mind model So thats why our feelings are so important to us in achieving balance, control and happiness

How is your life going? Take a deep breath, close your eyes and think and feel your life in segments For example – individually think about your relationship(s), career, finances, weight etc As you go through each of them you will get a feeling or emotion There are only 2 basic emotions: feeling good or feeling bad We call them different things If the emotion is good we feel joy, happiness etc and if itʼs bad we feel guilt, anger frustration etc
If you feel good stay with what your doing, you are in balance so keep doing more of it If you feel bad think about changing it, your out of balance and need to get back to a positive vibration Pretty simple concept that I will work with you on to bring back joy and happiness into your life

A little about confidence Many clients come to me suffering from a lack of confidence That lack brings up many negative emotions that effect their lives every day

Below you will find definitions of the three big ones

  • Self-Confidence – freedom from doubt
  • Self-Esteem – self acceptance, self respect
  • Self-Belief – confidence in oneʼs abilities and judgements

Self-confidence primarily refers to us having a positive and realistic perception of ourselves and our abilities A lack of self-confidence, on the other hand, is characterized by: self- doubt, passivity, submissiveness, over-conformity, isolation, sensitivity to criticism, distrust, depression, and feelings of inferiority and being unloved

Things to Remember for Improving Self Confidence

  • Count the good things, not the negative
  • Think positively about yourself
  • Learn from your experiences
  • Set realistic goals
  •  Be courageous
  • Keep learning
  • Live usefully
  • Value simplicity
  • Welcome change

When we work together I will use Gentle Suggestive Hypnosis to re-program the subconscious mind using suggestions, affirmations, mental imagery and imagination to help you “see and feel” yourself achieving your goals and getting back to joy and happiness EFT or sometimes called meridian tapping is a modality we will work with to release the negative energy in your subconscious mind I will teach this method to you so you can use it everyday to your benefit I will also work with you to release negative emotions through the use of Healing Regression Hypnotherapy My training in this area is unique and very effective

Your emotions and feelings are a gift which will let us know if your on or off course If you feel off course allow me to work with you with this healing art Together we can bring back the joy and happiness into your life which is our natural born state

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