What is Gentle Hypnosis and Healing Regression Hypnotherapy?

Gentle Hypnosis is a state of relaxation and/or a level of concentration that the average individual reaches daily Self-Hypnosis is accomplished most often when one is “absorbed” in a TV program, experiencing repetition (highway driving), or daydreaming Hypnosis is also a form of guided relaxation using positive suggestions and affirmations as you “see and feel” your goals in your mind Depending on oneʼs motivation, there may be a shift in attitude about specific subject matters (habits and stresses) The only requirement for getting therapeutic results is that the
person has a conscious desire to change, or in other words, is in agreement with the suggestions and affirmations
Healing Regression Hypnotherapy focuses on discovering and releasing the underlying cause of those negative thoughts and feelings that generate internal stress Once the internal stress has been taken care of, you’ll find you are more in control and can deal more effectively with everyday issues Whether you are struggling with anxiety, controlling
habits, lack of confidence, insomnia, depression, or psychogenic illness, hypnotherapy can help

How can Hypnosis help me?

Because hypnosis opens underlying emotional and energetic blockages, it gets to the core of a myriad of problems Whether these blocks were created in childhood or last week, when the cause of the problem is released at its root there’s no longer anything there to cause negative symptoms That’s why we don’t treat symptoms – we focus on identifying and resolving the cause Then the body will naturally heal itself

What can be treated with Hypnosis?

A qualified clinical Hypnotherapist has the capabilities to help alleviate or transform a multitude of symptoms and problems They have helped people eliminate phobias, fears, drugs and alcohol from their lives People have been helped to quit smoking, loose weight and achieve a number of goals Sport performance can also be enhanced The
therapist will generally use suggestive therapy first and rely on regressive therapy if needed The subconscious mind will reveal the source of the blocks and make them conscious

Can everyone be Hypnotized?

Yes, provided one has the normal physiological and psychological functioning and therefore the ability to concentrate and relax As long as a normal client is willing, they can undergo hypnosis There is a positive correlation between oneʼs willingness to relax and concentrate and the ability to undergo hypnosis

Is Hypnosis safe?

Yes No one has ever been hurt by going into a state of hypnosis Not only is hypnosis safe, it is effective, drug-free, pain-free, expedient and cost-effective

Hypnosis was used by combat physicians during World War II to treat the wounded It was accepted by the British Medical Association in 1955, the same year the Pope recommended it for painless childbirth In 1958 the American Medical Association certified hypnosis as a legitimate treatment tool The world-famous Mayo Clinic has used this safe, non-intrusive healing method as an adjunct to medical treatment for close to fifty years! The National Institute of Health ruled hypnosis as an effective intervention for the alleviation from cancer and other chronic conditions

What are the risks of Hypnosis?

Hypnosis carries few, if any, risks Individuals with certain medical problems, or who are actively abusing drugs or alcohol, or who are delusional or hallucinatory should seek more appropriate treatment A doctor’s referral is required for certain medical conditions Probably the greatest risk is failing to recognize that hypnosis is not
magic It’s not a cure-all Hypnosis can be effective with many issues, but it still requires conscious effort, especially when it comes to changing behaviors like overeating or smoking

I have memories buried in my subconscious mind, do we really want to bring them up?

When we use Healing Regression Hypnotherapy we go back in time to an event or memory that is the root cause of the problem your facing The subconscious is perfect and takes us back to the exact time in our past so we can recognize and clear the negative energy It is a wonderful and effective clearing method that we will discuss fully so you have a
complete understanding and trust me and the process

Do people under Hypnosis do things that are against their will and values?

No No person can be hypnotized against their will As a general rule, if a client were given a suggestion he or she did not agree with, they would simply refuse, laugh at it or awaken (regain normal awareness) There must be 100% cooperation During hypnosis, the subject can choose to accept of reject any suggestions given

Can memories be erased in Hypnosis?

No If one undergoing hypnosis wants to remember, he or she will In some cases if a client wants to forget something , amnesia can be produced with a post-hypnotic suggestion, but it wears off as quickly as the subject wishes A certified Hypnotherapist can help a person transform a memory, which has been causing problems The mind contains unconscious memories, which generally are responsible for our decisions, attitudes, feelings, and behaviors

Can you control me?

No Many people get this impression from watching stage hypnosis shows It’s important to realize that the purpose of stage hypnosis is entertainment The show relies on volunteers who want to have fun! These volunteers must be of normal intelligence, must want to go into hypnosis, and must be willing to follow instructions without question
That’s why the hypnotist will perform a few suggestibility tests prior to accepting volunteers The more talented and willing the volunteer, the faster s/he will enter into a hypnotic state and act upon the suggestions given And the more entertaining the show will be!

Can a person get stuck in Hypnosis?

No Even if the therapist could not finish the session after putting the client under deep hypnosis, the subject would come out easily, simply by opening their eyes and getting up from the chair The client is always aware of everything thatʼs going on around them and always is total control

Do people under Hypnosis go to sleep or become unconscious?

No One should not expect to go to sleep Hypnosis is a hyper state of awareness that feels very relaxing One is completely aware of everything that is occurring in the surrounding environment as well as that which is happening in the inner mind Hypnosis is a state of consciousness located somewhere between awake and sleep Some fatigued people may go out of hypnosis by falling into natural sleep, simply because they are tired, but they need to be awakened during the session If a person is attempting to recall a memory during regression, it canʼt be done while asleep On the other hand, if a person is listening to a self-hypnosis tape and they fall asleep the suggestions will likely be

Are sessions confidential?

Yes All sessions are private and confidential I do not release any information to anyone without a written authorization from you, except as provided for by law

Can sessions be recorded?

I record the hypnosis portion of your session on your IPod or a CD while you are being hypnotized At the end of the session you receive this recording to take home with you and the more that you listen to this recording the faster you will see results The key to transformation is repetition The more you see/hear/experience your goals, the more they
become real for you Listen only in a comfortable, relaxed state You can even put the recording on at night and fall asleep to it Itʼs that easy! (Never listen while driving or doing any activity other than relaxing)

How many sessions will I need?

Your problem is uniquely your own, so is your solution The number of sessions required really depends on the complexity of the issue And your ability to participate fully in the healing process Most people notice an immediate shift, even after the first session Most commonly there is a progressive shift for the better in how you think and feel – mentally, physically, and emotionally These positive shifts are often subtle and pervasive as they ripple out into every area of your life With direct suggestion usually two sessions are enough Getting into age regression
usually the third session is a breakthrough experience On average, most issues require between three and six sessions, rarely beyond that

What is a Life and Wellness Coach?

A life coach is a partner who uses the power of commitment while removing obstacles and limiting belief systems to help you achieve your goals I help you create a vision, a clear picture of what you want The ultimate goal is to enable you to achieve beneficial and measurable results in all areas of your life including business, career, health,
relationships and wealth To establish balance and personal growth My style will be adjusted to meet your needs At times I advise, encourage, hold accountable, challenge, praise or simple listen The end goal is positive results or outcomes all based on your beliefs, values, circumstance and time line When this is achieved you will find joy,
happiness, health and success in your life

How do I prepare for my first Hypnosis session?

When you call to make your appointment, have a clear goal in mind
What do you wish to accomplish using hypnosis?

  • I send out the paperwork prior to your first session Part of that process is to ask you a series of questions to state your goals and reveal your your short and long term benefits
  • When you come for your appointment, dress comfortably so choose loose-fitting clothing and avoid anything that might bind or constrict you in any way
  • If you wear contact lenses, you may find it more comfortable to remove them prior to each session as the eyes can water during hypnosis
  • Please be aware that using mind-altering substances, many prescription and over-the-counter drugs, and even coffee, can affect the quality of your hypnosis experience Please be sure to inform me of these influences so I can maximize the quality of our work together
  • During your first session you will be taken through a brief educational discussion to ensure you have the information you need to be successful using hypnosis to overcome your problem
  • You will then be guided into a state of hypnosis for the purposes of assessment and to establish a solid foundation for your success So be willing to participate fully and follow instructions and you’ll find you enjoy a successful hypnosis session and emerge feeling wonderful

Remember, the objective is to help you achieve your goal quickly and as easily as possible All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, so the more you cooperate and participate, the more benefit you will receive from each hypnotherapy session

Finally, expect success! Your success is important and hypnotherapy can help you succeed – even when nothing else
has worked

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