New Year Resolutions


How Are Those New Year’s Resolutions Going ?

It’s been called the great American tradition  New Year’s Eve has always been a time of optimism and an opportunity for looking back to the past, and more importantly, forward to the coming year  It’s time to reflect on the changes we need (or want) all with the best of intentions  Unfortunately most New Year’s Resolutions fail within three months  Some don’t make it through New Years day  As you read this many of your Landfall friends and neighbors are reevaluating this years promises  Typically, those promises will include some or all of the following self pledges:

“I hereby promise to myself and others that in the next year I will”

Loose Weight / Eat healthy / Exercise more  / Rest more / Join a gym  / Stop smoking /  Stop drinking / Start drinking / Make new friends  / Get rid of old friends / Read  every day / Spend more time with the family / Volunteer / Be nicer  /  Be honest / Balance work and play / Get organized etc 

You get the picture, we promise ourselves and others all kinds of stuff  So why do they fail most of the time?  Many of our resolutions center on habits or behaviors  We try to make these changes using Will Power which is often misunderstood, overestimated and used for things it doesn’t work well with  Habits are one of those things  We have a conscious desire to make a change however we are not able to change our behavior until we change our inner programing which lies in the Subconscious Mind, our Inner Mind, where our habits live

So, here are some suggestions which will turn those challenging resolutions into life changing habits:

1) Begin by looking carefully at your values and challenges you’ll face this year

2) Keep your goals reasonable, specific and challenging Are your resolutions realistic for you

3) Plan a strategy, do your research and find help with friends and family

4) Decide how your going to support the change you want and start with short term objectives  Build on your small successes early, feel the excitement

5) Share your goals with others, you will have more motivation

6) Revisit your goals weekly and have the flexibility to tweak them as needed

7) Learn to tap into the subconscious mind by meditating,using mental imagery  and positive affirmations  If you reprogram this part of you, success will come

Have fun with it, once you find early success and feel better about yourself your motivation will soar

written by:  Mike Maiocco MCH, CC
Master Hypnotherapist
Life and Wellness Coach