Release The Past

“ thank you for working with me based on my loss I could hardly function when I first came to you but now I have a whole new perspective on life You taught me to let go of the past and not be a victim all through hypnotherapy and visiting scenes in my life that were blocking my ability to move on”

Do you condemn yourself for things which you did or did not do in the past? Most people experience this at some point in their life However, if you want to find joy and happiness in your life, it is imperative that you release the past and not blame yourself for events which have already transpired and which cannot be changed

Ask yourself this question: has “beating yourself up” about the past ever helped you or made you feel better? If the answer is “no,” it’s time that you make a commitment to stop this self-defeating behavior

When I work with folks I often use the following affirmation during the Gentle Suggestive Hypnosis session: “Life is filled with ups and downs, a balance of summer and winter, of rain and sunshine You need both the highs and lows in
order to understand this balance in your life You flourish in the highs and handle the lows with understanding You learn from the challenges in your life” Most resonate with this suggestion and realize life is a process to understand and embrace

As I have discussed in the About Hypnosis and Emotions links on this website The subconscious mind is the feeling mind and remembers and stores every bit of information (feelings, thoughts, odors, memories) from the time we were in utero (and some believe before that) Think of it as a perfect computer hard drive

Before the age of 5 years old we only input information from our surroundings Our parents, relative, friends etc Our beliefs and self-image are often formed before the age of reason and we develop a belief system consistent with the inputs at that early age This is the job of the SCM and will protect our personal definitions throughout our life
Using Healing Regression Hypnotherapy we tap into the SCM and go back in time to recall and heal those events which are causing problems in your life now Working with your inner mind we can release the negative energy around thoseare discussed in the link About Hypnosis

Once the negative energy or emotional charge is released we create a path for forgiveness This is where the real self healing begins Forgiveness is only for you, it does not condone the past or does it allow a repeat of the past It is not designed to be of benefit for others, only for you Working with clients using this model I find remarkable transitions various emotions, like anger, fear, anxiety, sadness to a sense of peace and control There is often a clarity of those negative events and even the possibility of finding the ultimate good I can give you many examples of this during our consultation

I will work with you to release the past so you can heal and and experience joy and happiness

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