“The sense of relaxation I felt after only one session was incredible Mike made me a 20 minute CD which I listen to every day I use mental imagery to see my future and it works!! Iʼm not sure how but it did for me My life is calmer and my direction more clear While I have a ways to go, I can see the way it all works ”

Hypnosis is the natural learning state of your mind – and one that your mind passes through on a regular basis – you can actually learn to enter the state on your own – to start putting the power of your sub-conscious mind to work for you Drawing on the same relaxation response that drives meditation, self-hypnosis helps you to relax your body, lets stress hormones subside, and distracts your mind from unpleasant thoughts The relaxation achieved with self-hypnosis can be intense We often use affirmations as part of self-hypnosis to manage stress and build self-confidence Affirmations are the positive statements that we make to ourselves to counter stress and unpleasant thoughts

Imagine learning how to fill your conscious mind with positive suggestions for change, clicking into the state of hypnosis and allowing those positive suggestions to start taking effect at the subconscious level Imagine having the most powerful tool for change in your tool box for the rest of your life! Wherever and whenever you need it Allowing you to always be in control

Along with meditation and imagery, self-hypnosis can successfully be used as a part of a daily stress management routine

I will teach you how to use the awesome power of the subconscious mind to “see and feel” what you want in life It is a wonderful tool to relieve stress and image your goals

I will also record a relaxation tape at our session giving you suggestions at a deep level to teach you to use this skill The more you see/hear/experience your goals, the more they become real for you It’s easier than you think to learn and the benefits are fantastic

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