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“The sense of relaxation I felt after only one session was incredible Mike made me a 20 minute CD which I listen to every day. I use mental imagery to see my future and it works!! Iʼm not sure how but it did for me. My life is calmer and my direction more clear. While I have a ways to go, I can see the way it all works”

Are You In Control Of Your Life a lack of control often means added stress in your life. The American Institute of Stress reports that 75 to 90% of all visits to primary healthcare professionals are for stress-related complaints.

STRESS is known as the “disease of adaptation” contributing to:

  • GI Disorders (IBS)
  • high blood pressure
  • heart attacks
  • severe allergies
  • hypertension
  • sleep problems
  • chronic pain
  • hair loss
  • skin disorder (eczema, hives)
  • weight gain
  • loss of appetite
  • poor concentration or poor memory retention
  • performance dip
  • uncharacteristic errors or missed deadlines
  • anger or tantrums
  • emotional outbursts / nervous habits
  • alcohol or drug abuse

To get a better understanding of what stress is and is not let us look at the definition of stress from Dr Hans Selye (the father of stress management).

Selye also discovers that stress can be either positive or negative. He calls good stress (like getting a job promotion) eustress. He calls negative stress (like anxiety produced by an abusive working situation) distress.

As Dr Selye describes that stress can be good or bad. Itʼs not the stressor itʼs our reaction to it. Thatʼs a very important point – A stressor can be anything from a new relationship, driving, your job, kids, spouse to everything else in life that effects you. There are many examples of folks having opposite reactions to the same stressor. We can discuss these examples when we meet and relate them to your life.

Distress can build from small frustrations, disappointments, an unhappy life or anything else until the additive effect becomes destructive to the body and mind. Thatʼs when the symptoms manifest.

Now, letʼs look at what typically happens during a stress episode. Selye describes what he calls “diseases of adaptation” or, more formally, “general adaptation syndrome,” theorizing that poor stress adaptation is the basis of most disease. More simply, stress (and the emotional/physical reaction to it) can make people sick.

Next, we know stress is often misunderstood, a few misconceptions and warning signs below.


Misconceptions About Stress

  • Stress and Pressure come only from your career
  • Stress comes from the big traumas in your life (Donʼt sweat the small stuff!)
  • The only individuals vulnerable to stress-related problems are workaholics or pathological Type A personalities
  • The effects of Stress overload build up quickly
  • The best antidote for Stress is to physically remove yourself from it

Warning Signs of Stress

  • Tension, anxiety, excessive fatigue
  • Irritability, depression, pounding of the heart
  • Inability to concentrate, impulse behavior
  • Nervousness, insomnia, stomach pains
  • Severs headaches
  • Personality changes

The feelings and symptoms of distress is a natural part of your body’s fight or flight response which is unconsciously mobilized. This over use of hormones has an additive effect and is responsible for the physical and mental illness associated with stress and disease.


Managing and Coping with Stress

The first step in managing stress is to identify the main stressors in your life. Are your main sources of stress external, relating to factors such as your physical environment, workplace, or relationships with others, or internal, relating to factors such as nutrition, your emotional well-being, or the amount of sleep you get? Once you identify the stressors in your life you can apply the statement below:

If You Like Something
If You Donʼt Like It
If You Canʼt Change It
If You Canʼt Avoid It
To Accept It

We will discuss the model above and how it relates to your life. This is critical because accumulated distress will hurt you physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually STRESS KILLS.


Stress Relief

Stress relief comes in many forms. You have the natural ability to have your Mind guide your Brain your Brain guide your Body to experience control in your Life. I have worked with hundreds of folks both individually and in a group seminar format to teach the psychology of stress and the principles and practices of relaxation. In 1989 I started teaching a seminar entitled: The Relaxation Seminar as a certified instructor for Silva Mind Development. I can help you understand the stressors in your life, the effect they have on your health and teach you to manage your life with proven principles. As a fitness trainer I will assist you with your exercise goals which is also a fantastic stress relief tactic.

To further help you I record the Direct Suggestion Hypnosis portion of your session on your IPod or a CD while you are being hypnotized. At the end of the session you receive this recording to take home with you and the more that you listen to this recording the faster you will see results. The key to transformation is repetition. The more you see/hear/experience your goals, the more they become real for you. Listen only in a comfortable, relaxed state. You can even put the recording on at night and fall asleep to it. Itʼs that easy!

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