“I was amazed to discover how comfortable Hypnotherapy is I was tentative at the first session but it was wonderful  Mike  is so skilled at creating a non-threatening approach and really worked with me during some tough times  I am now moving forward with confidence”


“Mike has made a wonderful difference in my life  I’ve been stuck in a rut for years and with age regression I now understand the core of my problems  We released a lot of emotions and feelings and now I’ve moved on to enjoy life finally !


 “I thought hypnotherapy was weird  I didn’t know anything about it except what I saw on the stage  A friend recommended Mike M so I called  After a few minutes on the phone with him I decided to try it  I was tired of medications and feeling numb all the time  I was so surprised how easy it was  I was awake and could see scenes from my past, I thought I was making them up but each time I released to pent up feelings, I got better”


“For the last 5 years I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks to a point I couldn’t go far from home  It got worse each year and I became more restrictive  I was skeptical of hypnosis but I decided to give it a try  WOW we did regression and I was able to release a bunch of junk from the past  The first session and the affirmations gave me a sense of hope  After each session I could do a little more  Mike has a gift and I appreciate it  I am now able to go anywhere without any stress or anxiety at all  Talk about freedom !!


“I couldn’t sleep through the night, I woke up every hour and tried everything  After 3 sessions and a personal hypnosis tape I sleep like a healthy baby  I’m off meds and feel great”


“I was a calm and confident person until I became plagued with panic attacks  I was given 2 medications by my doctor, but it didn’t make the uncomfortable feelings go away  I avoided places, especially new ones  Then I began working with Mike Maiocco  Through hypno-therapy, I discovered the source of my attacks and took control of my life again”


“ thank you for giving me my freedom back, I can now go over bridges and through tunnels without any fear”


 “I am so pleased I came to see you  We are working more on getting back on track with our wonderful marriage”


“ you have helped me beyond belief, you taught me the coping skills needed to do it on my own”


“ thank you for working with me based on my loss  I could hardly function when I first came to you but now I have a whole new perspective on life  You taught me to let go of the past and not be a victim all through hypnotherapy and visiting scenes in my life that were blocking my ability to move on”


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